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WAM Euroliners® 30B RL 16" Rear Liner Only

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Our WAM Euroliners® 30B RL 16" is specially engineered to follow the rear wheel contours to give the vehicle a bespoke look.

WAM Euroliners® 30B RL 16" Rear Liner Only

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This set of WAM Euroliners® 30B RL 16" Liners have been specifically designed with a 205mm PCD* (pitch circle diameter*) for 16" with twin rear wheels.

They are made from stainless steel 304L, with a polished mirror finish look.

These will interchange and work perfectly with our old brand Euroliners.

They are made from stainless steel, with a highly polished mirror finish look.

This is designed to fit the following vehicles:

Iveco 59-12
Iveco 60C-15
Iveco 60C-17
Iveco 60C-18
Iveco 65C+
Iveco 70C-12
Iveco 70C-14
Iveco 70C-17
Iveco 70C-21
Iveco 72-170
Iveco 75-14
Iveco 75E


*For more information on how to check your wheel's PCD, please see our 'How To Guides' on the top of the page.

 Vehicle Wheel Specifications  - WAM Euroliners® WAM 30B 17.5"

  Wheel Size     Studs      PCD (Pitch Circle Diameter)   
16" 6



WAM 30B RL 16" Rear Liner Only - What's included 

  Qty   Item Descripton

  Rear Wheel  

1   WAM30B RL 16”     WAM Euroliners® Rear Only (No Fittings)  X


 Spare Parts Available

We have a full range of spare parts which are available individually, please see below for the item number

  Qty   Item Descripton

  Front Wheel  

  Rear Wheel  

2   WAM30B FL 16"     WAM Euroliners® Front Only (No Fittings)   X  
2   WAM30B RL 16”  WAM Euroliners® Rear Only (No Fittings)    X
4   WAMJM0125  WAM Euroliners® Jam Nut & Cap (H25mm ) (Front)    X  
4   WAMJM01  WAM Euroliners® Jam Nut & Cap (H35mm ) (Rear)      X
8   WAMBK36  WAM Euroliners® Bracket X X
1   WAMTOL01  WAM Euroliners® Fitting Tool X X