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WAM 20 16" Set

WAM 20 16" Set

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Our WAM 20 16" is specially engineered to follow the front and rear wheel contours to give the vehicle a bespoke look.

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This set of WAM 20 16" Liners have been specifically designed with a 170mm PCD* (pitch circle diameter*) for 16" with twin rear wheels.

They are made from stainless steel 304L, with a polished mirror finish look.

2006 > 

This is designed to fit the following vehicles:

Iveco 35C-11
Iveco 35C-13
Iveco 35C-17
Iveco 40C
Iveco 50C
Iveco 50C-15
Iveco 50C-17

 Please note: This is for the WAM 20 16" ( with center cap with dummy nuts )

  For the alternative design please see item WAM 20A 16"

*For more information on how to check your wheel's PCD, please see our 'How To Guides' on the top of the page.


 WAM Wheeliners WAM 20 16" Wheel Specifications 

  Wheel Size     Studs      PCD (Pitch Circle Diameter)   
16"  6

 170 PCD


WAM 20 16” Complete Set - What's included in the complete set 

  Qty   Item Descripton

  Front Wheel  

  Rear Wheel  

2   WAM 20 FL 16"          WAM Wheeliner Front + Center Cap Only (No Fittings)   X  
2   WAM 20 RL 16”   WAM Wheeliner Rear + Center Cap Only (No Fittings)    X
4   WAMSE01   Stud Extender (Rear)   
8   WAMSP20   Nut    X X
4   WAMBK20   Bracket (Front)  X  
   WAMCOMP20    Cap Retaining Screw  X
1   TOL01   Fitting Tool X X




Spare Parts Available

We have a full range of spare parts which are available individually, please see below for the item number

  Qty   Item Descripton

  Front Wheel  

  Rear Wheel  

2   WAM20 FL 16"      WAM Wheeliner Front + Center Cap Only (No Fittings)   X  
2   WAM20 RL 16”   WAM Wheeliner Rear + Center Cap Only (No Fittings)   X
4   WAMSE04   Stud Extender (Rear)      X
8   WAMSP20   Nut X X
8   WAMCOMP20   Cap Retaining Screw X X
4   WAMBK20   Bracket (Front) X  
1   TOL01   Fitting Tool X X